FileMaker Diagnostic Tool – Inspector Pro 5

The amount of time it takes for beta testing and de-bugging are two areas often shortchanged when quoting a custom FileMaker solution–and for good reason.  It’s not a lot of fun.  The development process is messy at times, and most developers will inadvertently leave some broken links, missing layouts, and thing of that nature.

That’s where Inspector Pro 5 comes into play.  Inspector Pro is a FileMaker diagnostic tool similar to the Database Design Report (DDR) built into FileMaker Pro Advanced, only on steroids:

  • It very fast (64 bit processing)
  • Finds orphaned scripts, layouts and objects
  • Find broken scripts
  • Creates a list of known issues for clean up prior to shipping

Richard Carlton interviews the author of this tool, Vince Mennano, of Beezwax.

Interesting, Inspector Pro takes the DDR info and parses it into a more friendly output.

Also, until April 15th, there is a 13% discount available a the link below.

UPDATE:  People were not able to easily find the coupon code, so here it is:  RCC13

Enter that during the purchase process.


FileMaker Diagnostic Tool – Inspector Pro 5 – Review and Demo – 2015 – YouTube.

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