FileMaker Developer Interview – Matt Petrowsky – YouTube

Things you’ll learn about Matt Petrowsky in this interview:

  • When he got his start with FileMaker
  • How he got started using FileMaker
  • What he used instead of FileMaker
  • What he did before he went back to FileMaker
  • The business he was running when he went back
  • How he got started answering questions and how it developed into FileMaker Magazine
  • Who he credits for a lot of his tips
  • Learn about the session he taught at Devcon 2015 and how it was different from previous sessions
  • What he thinks of Jan’s (of Clickworks) Perform Script on Client
  • What he really likes about the FileMaker community
  • What he thinks of FileMaker’s direction and focus
  • His favorite past times
  • Learn about the tools and techniques he uses to make his videos and his podcasts
  • His advice to people learning FileMaker
  • His favorite plugins
  • And much more…

FileMaker Developer Interview – Matt Petrowsky

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