FileMaker Devcon 2016 Interviews

Vendors and Developers:  It’s that time again.  I’ll be conducting interviews at FileMaker DevCon 2016 in July. It’s your chance for some blatant self promotion–talk about your favorite solutions, your biggest challenges, your favorite FileMaker development tools, your products, how you got your start in FileMaker, and anything else you want the world to know.

Then share it with your clients, family and friends.

There will be three days available for interviews:

  • Tuesday, 7/19
  • Wednesday, 7/20
  • Thursday, 7/21.

The first interview slot will be at 9 AM, and the last at 3 PM.  Please provide your mobile number as I will text you the day before to confirm.

Contact me now to book a slot now!

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