FileMaker Data Sync Magic

Last January, Jesse Barnum spent two hours showing MirrorSync 2 t0 the New Mexico User Group.

Sadly, audio recording problems made the video unusable and it was never shared here. So I am happy to see the below video from FileMaker Training Videos.

MirrorSync 2 is an incredible product that will synch two databases very quickly:  Go to Server, Client to Server, Server to Server, FileMaker to MySQL, MySQL to FileMaker, or any database that supports JDBC–you get the idea.

And it’s fast and easy to set up:

MirrorSync is only installed on the server computer. It is not a plug-in, and does not require any software installation on client devices.

MirrorSync is extremely easy to set up. The only required database changes are:

  1. Enabling the FMXML extended privilege in your security configuration.
  2. Making sure that every table you want to sync has a primary key, modification timestamp, and creation timestamp.
  3. Creating a layout for each table.
  4. Four copy and paste operations.

We have a massive re-write of a database coming up soon, a database needing to synch both ways between FileMaker and MySQL.  MirrorSync 2 will be part of the solution.

FileMaker Data Sync Magic – it ‘s fun to watch.

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