FileMaker Community Product Ideas Space

The FileMaker Community Product Ideas Space

Check out FileMakers Product Ideas Space, a place where you can add your ideas for new product features and up or down vote other people’s ideas.  This is a great idea and is getting a lot of use by the FileMaker Community:


Welcome to the Product Ideas discussion space! If you have a feature idea for the FileMaker products please post it here. We encourage you to vote up ideas you like, and add your thoughts on other’s ideas.

You must be logged in to participate.

This area is for discussion purposes only. FileMaker, Inc. does not promise to implement the ideas proposed here.

Your posts should include:

  • a summary of your idea
  • why this idea is important to you
  • specific use cases you are looking to solve

Don’t forget to check for duplicates before posting your idea.

Please read the complete guidelines here.

Jeremiah Hammond has an informative blog post with a video here.

Source: Space: Product Ideas | FileMaker Community Product Ideas Space

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