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This seems like the best answer to sending bulk, customized email from FileMaker.  It bypasses throttling, blacklisting, and blocking access to 3rd party SMTP services:

If you’ve attempted to send out your own mass e-mails using FileMaker’s built-in sending feature or an e-mail sending plugin (such as our 360Works email plug-in), you’ve probably encountered difficulties with using your ISP’s mail server. Sending throttling, blacklisting, and blocking your access to 3rd party SMTP servers are common. CloudMail avoids all of these issues, because it bypasses your ISP’s server and communicates with Amazon Web Services using standard encrypted web calls on port 443.

If you have used commercial e-mail delivery services, you may wonder why you should switch to CloudMail. CloudMail is fundamentally different than these services, because rather than just exporting your e-mail list, the whole process is driven by your own FileMaker scripts. You can send a single message to everybody or send a customized message to each recipient. The delivery results are streamed directly into your FileMaker database, where you can create your own reports and relationships. In addition, the per-delivery cost is extremely low – during the first year, it’s free for up to 62,000 messages per month, and approximately $1 per 10,000 messages after that. See the pricing details below.

Learn how to do FileMaker Bulk E-mail the Right Way

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