14 Best & Free Online Screen Capture Tools


You probably have your favorite free screen capture tool (mine is Skitch, from Evernote, which is not on this list), but the list in this article is pretty good and worth a look.  One feature I find really handy is a timed screenshot, which allows you to take a picture of you opening a menu item while taking the screen shot.

Screenshots have always been important, whether they are for creating interactive presentations or developing a tutorial guide. While you may be familiar with the native option of taking a screenshot with Windows (Print Screen), you need some extra tools and set of features to make the screenshot readable and impressive.

If you are in search of an advanced method to take screenshots, this list of 14 free online screenshot services will catch your eye.

Another not on the list:  Jing, which works on both Mac and Windows, is free, and also includes up to 5 minutes of video capture.  I use both programs frequently.

Source: 14 Best & Free Online Screen Capture Tools – ThemeMags

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