Filemaker Audit Log – YouTube


Guy Stevens is back! It’s been a while since he made any FileMaker videos, and for his return he tackles FileMaker audit logs.  His 30 minute video presents one way to add auditing to your solution.  The comments are mixed, as the solutions requires a lot of work to implement.  To be fair, the motive driving a business to implement auditing is to track down the source of a problem, and usually that problem is in a specific area.  Not every field on a form (nor in a database) requires an audit log to track down and eliminate the problem, whatever it is.

And, as always, there are alternatives:

NightWing Enterprises Ultralog V2.0 – Roy Cologon’s approach logs changes to fields you select and stores the data in a field on the record.  A very powerful technique that’s been around for a while and is well-tested.

FMEasyAudit – A Tim Dietrich solution that is free, easy to integrate, and very powerful.

Filemaker Audit Log – YouTube.

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