Coming Soon! FileMaker QuickBooks Mac Integration


Geist Interactive announced FMQBO, a beta product designed to connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Online (QBO).  This is big news for Mac users, as QuickBooks integration has never been available to Mac users in any way:

Filemaker QuickBooks Mac Integration

We are releasing a new product called, FMQBO. FMQBO connects FileMaker 12 or 13 running on Macs (and/or PCs) to QuickBooks Online.  With it you will be able to write FileMaker scripts that access data in your Quickbooks Online Account. You will be able to search it, create it, edit it, and update it, all from the comfort of a FileMaker script.  Check out the FAQs for more info.

Some other interesting facts:  

  • QBO is adding 100,000 new accounts a quarter
  • This solution works with WebDirect and Server Side Scripts (on FM server 13)
  • It works on FileMaker Go that is connected to a FileMaker server
  • It interacts with every table on QBO – and data can be sent and received
  • It works on FileMaker running on PC’s
  • It does not work with the desktop version of QuickBooks

Integrating with Quickbooks is something many small businesses need to help streamline their businesses.  FMQBO will make this easier.  I look forward to the final product release.

FileMaker QuickBooks Mac Integration.

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