FileMaker and Zoom API, Part 2

How Connecting FileMaker and Zoom API Worked Out

In January, I posted about connecting FileMaker and Zoom – a fairly detailed view of the process necessary in a fairly long post. What I didn’t do was show you how it all works with in the (almost) final product for my client.

The app is server based, with both Filemaker and FileMaker Go clients. The first app we are developing for them is a very customized CRM working in conjunction with a professionally designed sales funnel based on Kartra, a sales funnel company. The basic components of the CRM were designed by one of the founders, one with a serious background in running a sales call center.

I know, I know…a call center? Seriously?

Still, this company helps business with larger buildings save a lot of money (between five and twenty two percent) on their monthly gas and electric bills. While also keeping the people inside the buildings just as comfortable as before. When your electric bill runs up to several hundred thousand a month, a 5% savings is substantial. 22% is awesome.

So for that, I say let’s use the most effective means available to get the word out. Thus, a sale call based CRM custom built to manage the custom sales process.

There’s More

There is much more to it…like coordinating sensor installation and monthly calls to monitor the changes. For that purpose, we have a connected FileMaker database that collects a whole lot of data from sensors, the website, utility companies, and more, all for the purpose of building an algorithm to give custom results for freeing up money from each building’s expenses to be used in other areas of the business. Lots of API work.

That database is going to be fun to write.

Helping Save the Environment

And the real bonus? Saving on energy costs will help minimize CO2 emissions and be more environmentally friendly. Something everyone is interest in (or should be).

A Video Demonstration

The reason for capturing the Zoom recordings is simple: it’s a feedback tool to get employees up to speed more quickly by monitoring calls in order to improve their skills in customer relations. Positive, direct feedback will help them improve more quickly. The video shows a very nice way to grab and view that recording on an iPad.

More about Zoom’s API

Zoom offers 155 API requests, with more being added all the time. If you are interested in integrating Zoom into your FileMaker Database, let us know.

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