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FileMaker and Mavericks

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Jeff Almquist · (Add Comment) ·

Looks like folks will have to update to FileMaker Pro/Advanced 12.0 v5 to be compatible with Mac OS X “Mavericks” (12.0 v4 is NOT compatible). Of greater concern is that FileMaker Server 12 and FMSA 12 are not currently compatible with Mavericks at all, and the update isn’t expected until “later this year”. Joe at 360Works says they’ve done some internal testing, and reports that “it seems to hose the WPE pretty well”. Ugh!

Here’s FileMaker’s document on all of that:

FMI is also saying that FileMaker 11 products may or may not be compatible with Mavericks, and no updates are planned. Basically if you upgrade to Mavericks and you still want to run FM 11, you’re on your own. Here’s that doc:

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