feedzon – OCR Service for FileMaker Announcement

feedzon has some great new features never seen before in FileMaker.  Here’s their latest announcement:

feedzon – OCR Service for FileMaker Announcement

feedzon are delighted to announce the arrival of “Reader“, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service for FileMaker Go, Pro, Server, IWP & CWP. There are two core services provided by feedzon Reader and both come with beautiful sample files designed to work straight out of the box:

– OCR for documents
– OCR business card scanner

feedzon services don’t require any plug-ins and so work with FileMaker Go, Pro, Server, IWP & CWP and can be integrated into your own solutions with just a few script steps. You can literally create your feedzon account and have the functionality integrated in your own FileMaker solution in less than ten minutes. And if you can’t be bothered to do the integration, please feel free to use our sample files.

OCR for Documents Key Features
– Convert from a wide range of image formats or from PDF
– Convert to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RFT or TXT files, or return the raw text directly to your field
– Retains formatting when converting to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
– Accuracy of 99.8%
– Supports single and multi-page documents
– Supports 194 languages multi-lingual documents too
– Conversion is quick (from 30 seconds to two minutes)
– No plug-ins required

OCR Business Card Scanner Key Features
– Take a picture of a business card in FileMaker Go – Excellent for use at exhibitions!
– Conversion is quick and there’s no need to wait (it can process in the background)
– Use our beautiful app designed especially for FileMaker Go
– No plug-ins required but supports optional server-side processing and Base64 encoding
– Return the results directly to your data table
– Convert the results to a vCard and add the contact directly to your Address Book
– Supports 25 languages

How To Get Started
1. Go to https://www.feedzon.com
2. Create an account or log into your existing account
3. Go to ‘My Credits’ and buy a pack of credits to get you started – 
use the promo code ‘FeedzonReader’ and get 25% extra free credits – this code is valid until Friday 20 September 2013 only!
4. Note that you can also use the credits for our other feedzon services, including barcode generation, Twitter integration, Translation, SMS, Text-to-speech conversion and more.
5. Go to ‘My Services’ and create a service for ‘Reader’, download the demo files and get started.

We look forward to helping you do things with FileMaker that you just couldn’t do before!

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