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Fail2Ban with FileMaker ServerPosted by Jay G 05/06/2013 at 02:49PMI needed to configure an FileMaker Server FMS that would be an isolated system and accessible via the Internet.Besides other precautions, like locking it down on the firewall as much as possible, changing the default SSH port, etc., I wanted to give the system some ability to defend itself against malicious access. FMS will prevent this to some extent, largely due to how the FMS Admin Console and the FileMaker client are designed.But in order to get a bit more protection, I wanted to install Fail2Ban, an open source package that installs easily on Mac OSX, and scans your log files looking for suspicious activity. I couldnt find any filter files online for use with FMS however, so Id have to create my own. The main task to do this is to create the needed regular expressions that will trigger an alarm. This is what I have so far in my filters.d/filemaker-client file:

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