Exploring FileMaker Server Admin API’s

Using FileMaker Admin API’s to Control FM Server

So, what are FileMaker Admin API’s and why should you use them? The simple answer: You can control what happens in FM Admin from a FileMaker database – either one you build yourself or the one linked at the bottom of this post! And that is a good thing, mostly because some parts of the new browser admin interface are not an improvement over the old admin interface.

Imagine this: you are the administrator of several FileMaker servers, and you to do routine tasks on those servers, task such as:

  • Create/edit/run backups,
  • Manage database files
  • Change server settings
  • Disconnect clients

Instead of finding the logon information for each one and dealing with each via a web browser, you could do all of those tasks (and more) from a FileMaker database solution. Or, if you want, you could use any tool that supports HTTP requests (they use Postman in their demo).

Pretty nice.

The new, trial version of the FileMaker Admin API”s is not powerful enough to take over all administration functions just yet, but the plans for future releases include improvements that will make this scenario a reality.

Check out this DevCon 2018 presentation by Melody HSU (with an assist by Connor Block) for details on how to work with this new feature.

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