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Excel vs FileMaker.  Every FileMaker developer is asked to compare and contrast the two.  A lot of data is collected and stored in Excel, as well as output to excel from FileMaker.  So there is the fact that they work together well.

But when the observation of the prospective client is that Excel does  great job running their business, and they don’t see what FileMaker brings to the game, it’s time to pull in the persuasive arguments. And Michael Rocharde just made your job much easier.

Many thousands of businesses still use spreadsheets as their management tool; it’s what they know and they like what they know, even though they’re not exactly happy with it in many cases.  It’s also often an uphill struggle to explain to/convince those businesses why a database system, especially FileMaker, is a better solution and, because, they’re not convinced, they stay with what they are used to.

To make the case of using a FileMaker system instead of a spreadsheet one, I’ve put together a series of short side-by-side video comparisons using a fairly large data set.  I think you’ll find the evidence compelling; I’ll be very interested to know if you agree with me?

Rocharde poses five situations, Excel vs FileMaker in each one.  And shows, in well made videos, how FileMaker beats Excel hands down.

Source: Excel or FileMaker? | Everything FileMaker by Michael Rocharde

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