Create QR Codes in FileMaker Pro using only Javascript | HomeBase Software

NICE WORK, DOUGLAS. And thanks to his son, Cory, for his assistance.  They figured out a way to generate QR codes without an internet connection.

A while back, I wrote a blog and demo using FileMaker Pro to generate QR Codes. The technique employed Google’s API to generate a QR Code and the Insert from URL command in FileMaker Pro 12 to get the code into a container field. A reader requested a technique that allowed users to generate QR Codes even when they were not connected to the Internet. Recently I came across a free open source standalone Javascript library by David Shim that generates QR Codes without the need for a connection.

It’s great to see FileMaker developers stretching the envelope with web tools and more mainstream coding languages. It will only make the FileMaker platform stronger.

More…No Internet Connection, Can’t use Plugins, Need QR Codes? — Create QR Codes in FileMaker Pro using only Javascript | HomeBase Software.


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