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 I purchased, configured, and installed CloudMail in a solution just recently. The learning curve is a bit steep, especially if you’re not familiar  with Amazon Web services, but once you get it setup it just keeps on running. And getting feedback on clicks, deliveries, bounces, and unsubscribed is invaluable.

PM Starting Point 4.6, a free, full-featured, solution from RC consulting, offers built-in support for CloudMail. Note, however, that you have to purchase the thumbnail plug-in  in order to useCloudMail with the solution.   Learn more about the integration from 360 works:

Recently, FM Starting Point 4.6 was released with support for the new features of FileMaker 14 and integration with 360Works CloudMail. The CloudMail integration allows you to start sending emails right away without having to worry about the possible difficulties you may encounter when configuring a mail server or dealing with network firewalls.

Additionally, if you are interested in a plugin for large email marketing type sending, CloudMail allows you to send email blasts to any size audience and track real-time views and clicks, all directly from FileMaker. You can even see which specific email campaigns are driving traffic to your site from the data that CloudMail can pass back to various analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics. There are many other great features in the CloudMail Plugin, which you can learn about here.

Source: CloudMail and FM Starting Point

A boat would’ve been much easier, but this was way more fun: Monster Truck Makes Perfect ‘Redneck Rescue’ Through Texas Floods

Stay on the Bus: The Proven Path to Doing Unique and Meaningful Work.   Useful advice from James Clear about hard work, consistency, and revision.   Put all of them together and the results are sometimes astounding.

“I have not lost my mind – it’s backed up on disk somewhere.”

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