Picking Colors, Splitting Repeating Fields, Raising Standards

Pulling data from repeating fields FileMaker is always a challenge. I’ve used virtual lists to do so with success, looping scripts, and now there is another way:

Anders Monsens shows you how to use drag and drop plus Insert from Url on a file to split repeating fields.

In a FileMaker solution, repeating fields as data storage are sometimes found in legacy database, and need to be converted to non-repeating fields. Migrating these fields into new solutions usually requires creative thinking and extra work.

Repeating fields in FileMaker seemed like a good idea at the time. It allowed developers to store similar information in an economical way. Instead of Phone1, Phone2, etc. one single phone number field with repetitions allowed for similar data stored together. There limits to the functionality of repeating fields. Reporting is problematic, artificial limits are placed on the number of options, and the extra space in the form of unused fields or repetitions is both inelegant and extraneous. Once developers could create related tables many of these issues disappeared.

I will admit up front: I would not thought of this method. But I like it, I learned something new (always a bonus), and there’s a download example file to boot.   Finally, there is link to this great video about FileMaker 14’s get directory function:

Source: Splitting FileMaker Repeating Fields | Soliant Consulting

 I particularly like his second point, stop being a victim: How To Raise Your Standards And Avoid Being A Useless Slob

For the graphically challenged  (like me), some simple guidelines on picking the right colors: HOW TO DECIDE WHAT COLOUR SCHEME TO USE ON YOUR WEBSITE

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