Business Minute #9

This week (and part of next) we are delving into the details of systematizing a business. Step #3 of the nine steps:

Your Culture Statement

The Culture Statement details the rules of the game of doing business in your business, the rules of being an employee in your company.  You want to look at four things when making your Culture Statement:  What’s important to you, what’s important to your customers, what’s important to your teams – suppliers, staff, and those people you work with in your business, and cultures points that are important to the success of your business.  A good example of a Culture Statement can be found at ActionCoach.

You can also watch a great series of videos at ActionCoach for free.  In the next Business Minute we will be covering SMART Goals.


 Meet Jonathan Fletcher on FileMaker Talk – and talk about FileMaker and Business

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An intro to FM Starting Point

Help Reduce Youth Unemployment…with FileMaker

The Path to Success

Business Minute #9

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