Business Minute #6

In Business Minute #2, I covered the DISC personality test – how to determine where you fit on the grid and how to tell where others fit. Today we’ll look at how to influence Conscientious personalities. For a more in depth look at DISC, follow this link.

Understand the DISC type. They are quite simple and thus easy to use. Then play to the person’s preferences and overall type.

With Conscientious people

  • Warn them in time and generally avoid surprises
  • Be prepared. Don’t ad-lib with them if you can
  • Be logical, accurate and use clear data
  • Show how things fit into the bigger picture
  • Be specific in disagreement and focus on the facts
  • Be patient, persistent and diplomatic

As with anything, putting more focus on this will help you in your dealings with people. Pay more attention to how people act, move, react, carry themselves – and then apply these guidelines. You’ll be surprised how much you learn.

Next week, I’ll be going more in depth on a favorite topic: Systematizing your business!

Updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS7 yesterday, no problems at all. I like it – even the colors, which I did not really like in the previews I saw. Lots of very nice new features, still need to spend more time exploring.

Now that it’s all over, what did you really do yesterday that’s worth mentioning? ~Coleman Cox

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Success Stories – I love ’em!



Business Minute #6


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