Business Minute 20: Delivery and Distribution Part 2

Delivery and Distribution Part 2

The fourth aspect of Delivery and Distribution is Service Mastery.  Very simply, mastering service will make or break your business.  Providing good service time after time builds an emotional ‘bank account’ – the customer feels better about your business and is more willing to forgive a poor experience.

Provide small things that show you care – a thank you note, a birthday card, a small gift after a major purchase.  These are not essential, but are critical.  Your customer wants to feel special and cared for.  If they don’t, they leave.

Take the time to identify what your favorite customer looks like – pays on time, easy to get along with, etc.  These customers are generally 20% of your base, but provide 80% of your income.  Tailor your service business to focus on the 20% and you will master service.

Click here to learn more about service mastery.

In the next Business Minute we’ll focus on Testing and Measuring.


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Business Minute 20: Delivery and Distribution Part 2


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