Building for FileMaker WebDirect

Building for FileMaker WebDirect

WebDirect is a powerful tool designed to give your clients an easy to build, fast website based on a FileMaker solution. But it is not as easy as just turning on WebDirect on your FM Server and sending out a link. Oh, that it were…

Lots of issues pop up immediately if you take that route. For instance, some FileMaker features such as Card Windows do not work. Some script steps and functions do not work, either. And the database designs, from relationships to types of fields employed, may have an unintended effect on a WebDirect solution. So where do you start?

FileMaker’s WebDirect Guidelines

Start with the basics: download and study FileMaker’s WebDirect Guidelines. And do that every time a new version is released. There are always new features, problems, steps to take, etc.

But the official guidelines, while critical, do not cover innovative problem solving and extended capabilities developed by FileMaker developers the world over. For that, you need to study blog posts, watch videos, and get your hands dirty.

Check out some videos here for basic instruction on WebDirect:

And, finally, watch this instructional video from John Howell’s presentation at DevCon 2019 last summer in Orlando. I missed this one live, but learned plenty from watching the newly released session video, including:

  • Getting rid of screen flashes in WebDirect, including screen flash on open and moving between Detail and List views
  • Tips for using xFrame in Web Viewing charting
  • Making a Masking Popover on WedDirect (Free example file)
  • An invisible Go To object that works flawlessly
  • Using a Shadow table to speed things up
  • How to convert Numbers files to Excel files
  • PHP Files for redirects
  • A styles database (Free file)
  • All of the free downloads are available here. Account Name and PW for each: devcon2019
  • Lots more…

Watch the video below and download the files. Following the video is a detailed description of the presentation, including the pdf used in the presentation. Enjoy!

Session Description

FileMaker WebDirect is a fine engineering product, and we will demonstrate how and why it deserves to be considered for robust project deployment. Many supplemental technologies can be integrated into a FileMaker WebDirect system. We will explore some of these possibilities in a real-world system which manages nonprofit fundraising events. We will dig into planning solid functionality, platform specific approaches to use, and important ways to take advantage of Perform Script on Server. We will also look at some plug-ins that can be used to extend the platform capabilities, and much, much more!

What you should know

FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server deployment, Scripting, Perform Script on Server, Layout Design, Themes and Styles, Entity Relational Diagramming, and basic use of plug-ins.

Products & Technologies

  • Pro Advanced
  • Go
  • Server
  • Cloud
  • WebDirect

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to optimize FileMaker WebDirect for larger projects, and see a successful project in action
  • Discover how wonderful FileMaker WebDirect is in the real world
  • Take advantage of Perform Script on Server to extend functionality on FileMaker WebDirect
  • Explore PCI Compliance, e-mail templating, and 2-way SMS communication in FileMaker WebDirect

Session Materials

  • Materials attached below.

Answer Number: 000033891


  • All other products
  •   Developer’s Conference
  • FileMaker Server
  •   18.x


Source: CRE01 – Building for FileMaker WebDirect – Jonn Howell — FileMaker Community

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It is that simple.

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