Bendable Phones, Progress Bars, FM Behavior Changes, Jim Carrey

Have you ever wanted to make live updating progress bars in FileMaker but didn’t know how?

Here’s a fairly reasonably short 21 minute video on making progress bars in FileMaker from FM Tutorials:

FileMaker 15 has some interesting behavior changes that didn’t get much press:

  • Open Remote no longer shows IP address(es) of hosts.  The Bonjour local host is now the default to local hosts, but you can still hard code an IP address.
  • Value lists displayed in pop-up menus, same a drop down lists.
  • Simpler software updates:  download and install the update from within FileMaker.
  • Convert File [ ] Script Step now defaults to “All Available”.  This is a nice features, since most of the time one is converting from something other than FileMaker.
  • Folder expand/collapse state for Script-based dialogs. This is now a locally stored flag, so changing it on a shared file no longer affects all of the other users on the network.
  • Get(LastODBCError) is now called Get(LastExternalErrorDetail).  In some instances, this will return more detailed error messages.  Death to the “?” error response!
  • Mouse scroll wheel on Windows OS does not scroll records any more, just the layout or an object.

Michael Rocharde on overcoming the resistance to change, all in only a minute and a half:

Rumor has it that one model folds in half, and another model  that has a 5-inch display that “unfurls” into a tablet-sized 8-inch panel:

Samsung might release bendable smartphones early next year

Surprisingly inspiring video:  Jim Carrey – Risk being Seen In All Of Your Glory

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