AppleScript OS X Notifications from FileMaker Pro


Aaron Girard of Scarpetta Group discovered the power of Applescript on OSX, and the ability of FileMaker to call an Applescript.  This allows FileMaker to communicate, in varying degrees, with the Mac operating system and with other Mac apps.  In this instance, he generates a notification in Yosemite:

The AppleScript

Below is our base AppleScript to generate a notification in OS X Yosemite.

display notification “Hello world!” with title “New Notification” subtitle “From FileMaker” sound name “default” delay 1

In this example “Hello world!” is your notification’s message. “New Notification” is the title of your notification and “From FileMaker” is your subtitle. You also have the option to generate a sound for the notification. Default is usually the best idea here to ensure that every user gets a similar experience. I have specified “delay 1″ to ensure that the script has time to execute and trigger the notification.

Doug Alder of Homebase Software posted on this subject back in November, and Benjamin Fehr wrote a custom function demonstrating this shortly before that.  I’d say this subject is being fully explored.

AppleScript OS X Notifications from FileMaker Pro.

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