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I posted on ClickWork’s trick to trigger a script on a remote client back in August, and was very impressed with the concept.  Richard Carlton likes it so much he made a video demonstrating some of the possibilities:

Published on Jan 7, 2015

FileMaker does not natively contain this ability on its own… and normally it would take a Plugin… to get the ability to have one client start a script… on another client. BUT… this amazing use of the OnRecordLoad script trigger opens the door to endless possibilities, as you can perform scripts on a client without a Plugin. It’s a bit of a hack… but it works… and it’s pretty amazing.

Thanks to ClickWorks, in Belgium, for building a free demo file called Client to Client that allows you to message another client from within FileMaker! Watch the video for a quick brain dump!

In the video, he demonstrates a basic messaging system and a way to grab a photo from another Mac user (like a screen shot of what is happening, for example).  I am definitely going to have to find time to play with this!

FileMaker Training – Having One Client… activate a script on another client – YouTube.

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