Amazon Web Services and FileMaker Part 2

In part one of this series, Duncan Baker walked us through setting up an Amazon account and setting up the base server instance:

In our previous blog post, we did all that was necessary on the AWS side to set up groups, users and security prior to being able to launch our server Instance using AWS’ Free Tier option – a free cloud server as long as we stick within the Free Tier guidelines.

So, now that we have all that taken care of, without further ado, let’s launch and connect to our server in the sky…

In part two, Duncan Baker actually makes a server instance and installs FileMaker:

  • Installs Windows Server
  • Selecting an Instance type
  • Connecting to your Instance
  • Installing and configuring FileMaker Server
  • Configuring ports

There are a few things to consider before going this route:

  • Amazon probably knows next to nothing about FileMaker and it’s associated problems, making support an issue
  • The cost of a properly configured server is pretty steep per month
  • Other necessary services like backups

Still, this article will save you a lot of time and grief if you choose to use AWS.

Source: Amazon Web Services and FileMaker Part 2

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