Accounts: Modular User Account Management – Modular FileMaker

Very nice modular solution from Darren Burgess (via Modular FileMaker) that lets admins manage users much easier, especially across multiple files.

Features Overview

Accounts allows for management of user accounts:

  • Create
  • Delete
  • Enable/Disable
  • Reset Password
  • Email User “Welcome” Email (including option to send a launcher file – launcher file sold separately ;-)
  • Robust error trapping
  • Function success/error dialogs
  • Works with single or multi-file solutions where the privilege sets and accounts are the same in every file (although files can be excluded)
  • Includes basic UI for Account management
  • Uses standard Modular FileMaker methods for passing and parsing parameters.
  • All buttons and script calls include commented out parameters using # functions.  Scripts can optionally use # functions.

Accounts: Modular User Account Management – Modular FileMaker.

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