24U Software releases 24U Phone Companion 2.0


24U Software announced a new version of their Phone Companion solution a couple of days ago:


With 24U Phone Companion your FileMaker solution can tell your phone system to make a call from your phone to the desired phone number.

Instead of having to read and type your contact’s phone number on the phone’s keypad, you can just simply click a button in your solution. This will let you:

  • Save time
  • Avoid calls to wrong numbers due to typing errors
  • Focus on the communication rather than the dialing process


24U Phone Companion will run a script in your FileMaker solution when your phone rings.

Your solution will know all available information about an incoming call without you having to do anything.

  • It can pop up a notification dialog for you
  • Your solution can look up the calling client’s record automatically
  • You will know who’s calling and respond accordingly when answering the call
  • Your solution can transfer or reject the call automatically depending on the caller ID


24U Phone Companion can run a script in your FileMaker whenever something happens to your phone extension.

You can have records created automatically so that you

  • know when someone called you
  • know when you called someone
  • know how long your call took
  • can focus on talking to your client and recording only important notes

The 24U Phone Companion 2 also supports more complex workflows, works with Call Centers, hooks up to more PBX setup, and is easier to implement.

Check it out and try it for free (Mac and Windows versions available).

More…24U Software releases 24U Phone Companion 2.0.

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