20 Awesome Must Try CSS Tips for Beginners

Get a finer level of control over your FileMaker solutions by using custom CSS:

Since the inception of the internet, CSS and HTML have been tied together in a conjugal bond. While HTML is possibly an easy markup language to learn, CSS can be quite a challenge.

Nevertheless, achieving the gorgeous layout that boasts a clean look and beautiful backend isn’t out of reach. Like any other craft, it requires practice and deep understanding of what’s at hand.

To give you budding web designers and developers a head start, we’ve compiled 20 of the most essential CSS tips and best practices that you can try to achieve a fabulous front-end.

Here’s a quick peek at part of the list:

1. Use style-sheet inheritance

Use a single CSS file for the entire project. This makes editing and updating easy. If you must use several style-sheets, be sure that they utilize only implicit properties while inheriting common properties from best level style-sheets.

2. Understand when to use IDs & Classes

IDs and Classes are probably the most misused styling components in CSS. The difference between the two is simple – use IDs when you don’t need to repeat your style for over one element and use Classes to style several elements.

3. Give logical names to IDs & Classes

IDs and Classes need to be logically named and should correspond to the tags that their styled. This is vital for code organization & debugging.

4. Style top level elements first

CSS is complex and the order in which elements need to be styled is very important. The general guideline is to always style top level elements first followed by inner elements. For example, HTML and BODY tags ought to be styled prior to styling encapsulated DIV tags.


Source: 20 Awesome Must Try CSS Tips for Beginners


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