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THIS ARTICLE FOCUSES ON DESIGN ASPECTS OF WEBSITES.  While not directly about FileMaker, many of the concepts in this piece apply to general design principles for any computer base program:

Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” A website is a composite of details—and its content is communicated through them. Whether designed to provide information or serve as an app, a well-executed site is one that has turned a critical eye to everything, from the copy to images to layout.

Details matter in web design because positive impressions, sparked by a website’s overall presentation and usefulness, matter. To echo Eames, they make the design, and inattention to details can have precisely the opposite effect.

Here are a variety of details — some related to the interface, others to interaction — to consider during your next web-based project…

Though colophons have been used in books since the 15th century, their purpose is applicable to the web. Neoteric Design shares the production notes of their website — what was used, from fonts to software to programming languages to the content management system. If a visitor wonders about how a site is created, a colophon is a tidy way to help satisfy this curiosity about certain specifics of a website’s build. It also testifies to the exploration of what aspects from printed communication can be made relevant to web-based communication.

Design is becoming more important all the time.  FileMaker developers should strive to keep up with current trends (assuming, of course, that the trends are user friendly).

via 11 websites that perfect UX by focusing on details | Webdesigner Depot.

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