Year-End Sale: Up to 25% Off – SeedCode


25% off until year end at SeedCode:

NEW SeedCode Calendar for FileMaker 13: DayBack

SeedCode Calendar has been completely rethought for FileMaker 13. It’s much faster, easier to integrate, and delivers responsive behaviors like reflowing and stacking events that we’ve never been able to do in FileMaker before. This is the FileMaker calendar you’ve been waiting for.

DayBack is available on subscription or as an outright purchase–subscribed users get in-app updates for the life of their subscription; purchasers get them for one year.

The year end sale is 25% off the outright purchase price or 25% off the first year’s or month’s subscription, depending on your plan. (Upgrades from older versions of the calendar are also on sale.)

There’s more at the link.

Year-End Sale: Up to 25% Off – SeedCode.

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