FileMaker External Authentication and Windows 2012 R2


I’m looking for help with Windows Standard Server 2012 R2 and FileMaker External Authentication.

My client has a small network running Windows Standard 2012 R2, acting as domain controller. They also have a new Mac Mini running Yosemite and FM 13 v5.  Our goal is to use the Windows server for External Authorization.  We have not been able to make it work correctly.  A typical experience is that a user can login with their Windows username and password on some databases, but not all (and all have the same privilege set).  Using their group does not work.  Here are the things we have done:

  • The groups are defined in Security and are sequenced in the proper order.
  • The Mac server is a member of the Active Directory domain, and FileMaker admin console successfully authenticates to the server
  • We’ve checked security settings

I’ve attached a short video showing the settings for those interested.  Let me know if you have a solution or a workaround!

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