Window Management in FileMaker Pro

Here is a robust method of minimizing the “Extra Windows” problem that occurs all too frequently in FileMaker.  Douglas Alder shares his script and concept in a downloadable file, and just made your life as a developer a bit easier:

I came across a situation recently where I had to build an interface to match Documents up with Contacts. The documents were coming in imported and needed to be reviewed and tagged to link them to contacts. My first version of the system was rejected by the customers because it kept opening extra windows, confusing the users. So I set about writing a fairly modular script that I could reuse to test if a window was already open and if so, simply select it, rather than opening another new window. This seemed to make the users much happier. I share it with you and my future self here.

This is good development process and will come in handy when writing for WebDirect, where all work has to take place in one window due to browser limitations.

Read it all and download the file at the link.

Source: Window Management in FileMaker Pro – Preventing Extra Windows from Opening | HomeBase Software

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