Who Touched My Data! Add Auditing to Find Out

Auditing Data Changes

We’ve all seen it before:  Someone (and we don’t know who) makes a change to a record and there is no audit trail to follow.  The damage is done and the customer gone, and there is no way to figure out how the mistake was made and how to prevent it in the future.

Jerry Salem attacks this problem using Ultralog from Nightwing Enterprises, but adds a couple of interesting twists:

This is a followup to an earlier post regarding keeping track of data as it changes.  In that post, we discussed using UltraLog.  This great tool tracks any changes users make to a record.  It is well worth every penny.  In this post, I will outline a simple extension to the Audit Log technique.  It can be used as an extension of how you are using UltraLog, or as a free standing concept.

The twist?  Logging line items deletions from an invoice (or purchase order, etc.) and presenting the data in a popover.

Salem provides the code needed to do this and more.

And if you can’t afford Ultralog or need a different method of auditing, be sure to check out Logger at ModularFileMaker.org.  It’s a free, modular solution that is easy to integrate into your FileMaker solution.

Source: Who Touched My Data! « The Philly FileMaker User Group

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