Where Has The Intimacy Gone?

You might wonder what intimacy has to do with business.

Well, just like any relationship expert will tell you, intimacy is an important part of a successful, long-term relationship. In business, intimacy needs to be created and maintained with your customers, your staff, your suppliers and your alliances to name the most important ones. This intimacy takes the relationship to a level that can be fulfilling to both parties, not just as a one-sided relationship. People need to feel appreciated and to understand where they ‘fit’ and that includes how they fit with your business.

Here’s some ideas on how to create or maintain intimacy and keep the ‘spark’ going between you and your suppliers, staff etc…

• When was the last time you took your best client out to dinner? What about your 5 best clients? Wouldn’t it make sense to invest a percentage of your top clients’ monthly spend with you into retaining them AND generating referrals? This is often much cheaper than advertising for new ones.

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