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ANVIL DATAWORKS  is running a four day series on WebDirect timed to coincide with the four day of Devcon.  The first in the series covers some of the decisions you’ll face just getting your clients onto Webdirect:

Ease of access is one of the top requirements to make a database “usable” to people. In FileMaker Pro, we’ve created “shortcut” files that open another database before closing themselves to launch a user directly to a hosted file. In FileMaker Go we’ve used the apple configuration utility to create iOS icon shortcuts that launch users into a database using the FMP:// protocol.

Now with FileMaker WebDirect, we have the ability to launch a user to a custom homepage, directly to a database, and specify a “return URL”. If you couple some basic knowledge of creating URL shortcuts with the information below, you can take away a lot of the stress of connecting to your FileMaker WebDirect solutions.

Also covered in the first article:

  • Setting up a custom home page
  • Adding a homeurl parameter
  • Creating an auto-login system

Read more and download the example file below.

Devcon WebDirect Series–Day 1–honmeurl and autologin.


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