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In keeping with my theme of the power of integrating FileMaker with the web, Jeremy Brown shares imaginative ways to use Web Viewer Magic to improve the client user experience.  One great example is the use of javascript charts:

I’ve been exploring this type of charting with the help of Robert Schaub, and we are both impressed with the variety of charts, colors, and styles.   And implementation is pretty straightforward

Back to Jeremy’s post:

This is Part 1 of the “Stumbling into FileMaker: Finding Your Footing” series.

A few years ago I posted a question to the FileMaker Community Discussion forum.

I asked “What can be done with a web viewer?” The object fascinates me because it basically contains a whole other application inside a FileMaker solution.

The community was helpful, but didn’t give me many good examples, so I ventured out into the internet on my own. And in the past few years I’ve discovered what to do with it. I’d like to list those out. This is by no means the definitive list, but it will get you started. In this post, I’ll list techniques with the web viewer I’ve found and implemented, link to a great site/post if applicable, and discuss each one.

Here’s my non-definitive list of things you can do with the web viewer:

In Part 1 of Jeremy Brown’s “Stumbling into FileMaker: Finding Your Footing” series, he provides a non-definitive list of things you can do with the web viewer.

Here’s a list of what Brown covers:

  • Show Google Maps and Other Websites
  • A Navigation System
  • An Inventory Picker (Cross-Tab Report)
  • A Decimal-to-Binary Converter (JavaScript)
  • Interactive Charts and Calendars (JavaScript Libraries)

Brown promises a demo file of Web Viewer Magic in a future post–I can’t wait to get my hands on that!

Source: What to do with the Web Viewer – Soliant Consulting

UPDATE!  Matt Petrowsky released a 6 hour video training course today on the Web Viewer and FileMaker:

The following topics will be covered.

  • JavaScript Debugging methods within FileMaker
  • Understanding the DOM and how it relates to your data
  • Input & Output from/to FileMaker
  • Nuances of the JavaScript language
  • Using JavaScript libraries
  • Introduction to jQuery & D3

It’s on sale now for $249.  If you are serious about this topic and want to cut the learning curve dramatically, you may want to spring for this.

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