Visual Design Basics for FileMaker: Line

A NEW FILEMAKER BLOG focused on design–a welcome addition, in my view.  Mostly because I struggle with design issues on every project.  I’m all in for anything that makes it easier.  Quoting Alexis Allen of

Lines are one of the most basic elements we work with in layouts. Our minds only need the merest hint of a division to suggest a spatial relationship between two parts. All it takes is a simple, thin line on a screen and our brains do the rest.

Lines can connect two points, outline shapes, group objects, or be used to divide space in various ways. Lines guide the eye where to look, they delineate (see what I did there?) what’s important, and generally lend structure to the visual design.

We use lines to establish the application area, for field borders, for dividing the layout into different zones, and for visually grouping buttons or objects.

Read the whole thing–it just gets better.  I signed up for e-mail updates already.

Visual Design Basics for FileMaker: Line.


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