Video of Steve Jobs’s first public demo of the Mac resurfaces after 30 years

NINETY MINUTES LONG.  Watch the beginning of the Mac era…

The Boston demonstration came one week after the Mac’s more well-known unveiling to a group of Apple investors at Cupertino’s Flint Center and mirrors the content of the earlier presentation, though with a more polished feel. Boston-area videographer Glenn Koenig preserved and digitized the footage, which was first published by Time’s Harry McCracken.

One difference from the Cupertino staging comes toward the end of the 90-minute video, when a group of original Mac team members take the stage for a question-and-answer session. Jobs is joined by Bill Atkinson, Steve Capps, Owen Densmore, Andy Hertzfeld, Bruce Horn, Rony Sebok, Burrell Smith and Randy Wigginton.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak — who famously was not part of the Mac team — was also present.


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