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THE PROPER USE of position functions makes is possible to do all kinds of neat tricks. FileMakerHacks developed an inverse type of function to allow something not natively available in FileMaker:

But what if we want to go the other way? Can we perform inverse operations for the above examples? In other words, if we know the string we’re looking for, can we find its address?


For the first example, the answer is yes. We can use the Position function, like so:


Position ( "Literature" ; "era" ; 1 ; 1 ) = 4

But what about the inverse of the second example? Can we throw “Summer” at “Winter¶Spring¶Summer¶Fall” and get back a 3? Suprisingly, FileMaker does not provide us with a simple, built-in function to accomplish this.

ValuePosition: The Function FileMaker Forgot | FileMakerHacks.


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