User Friendly Excel Exports

Kevin Frank posted a series on different ways to export user friendly reports to Excel back in 2011.  The information is still useful today:

To recap, clients have requested three things:

  1. User-friendly column headings
  2. Calculated fields or the virtual equivalent (I call these pseudo-fields)
  3. An interface to make it easy

Well, with regard to number 1, I have no intention of changing my geeky field names, e.g, “name_first”, to something as warm and fuzzy as “First Name”; and, with regard to number 2, I would prefer not to define a bunch of new fields in the database just so they can, for example, have City, State and Zip in a single spreadsheet column.

The question is: can I have my way, and still give them what they want? And the answer is a qualified yes, if I’m willing to invest some time and effort.

In a world where most organizations put more of the work on the end user, Frank is willing to figure out how to make life easier for them.  A good way to go if you want to stay in business, I think.

Anyway, he sets the table for the other five files in this series in this first post by getting the foundation built. Read them all when you have the time.

User-Friendly Excel Exports, part 1 | FileMakerHacks.

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