Updating a FileMaker iOS App

Tips for Updating a FileMaker iOS App

Giedrius Godelaitis of YZY SOFT follows up on a his first post about updating FileMaker solutions with a well documented solution to updating FileMaker iOS Apps:

I am so thrilled, amazed and look forward for new opportunities with new FileMaker iOS App SDK. I’ve developed a technique for updating FileMaker Pro Desktop solutions and published it recently. So I thought to try to use the same approach to update the native iOS App created with FileMaker iOS App SDK. And to my surprise, I implemented the same technique with minor modifications and the update works!

FYI – I found this towards the end of the post:

So the latest thing to do, we have to run “Delete old file” script to avoid data import routine problems in the future. I use a very old technique to delete files from FileMaker solution: Export empty found records to the file’s path will delete the file.

This “old trick” is something I had never heard before!  Can’t wait to give it a try.

A paid solution for updating a FileMaker iOS app is GoZync – take a look at that for some better automation techniques.

Be sure to download the example file at the link.

Source: How to update native iOS App created with FileMaker iOS App SDK?

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