Tony White Designs: FileMaker Code Objects as ERD

From Tony White Designs, an Entity Relationship Diagram (in pdf form) containing FileMaker Code Objects.  Why would you want this?

  • Provides a concise overview of “FileMaker code object” that developers are well advised to be aware of.<
  • Shows some of the relationships between FileMaker code objects, and can result in insights that lead to better code.
  • Shows some FileMaker version history, information that can be useful to developers and project planners.
  • Contains some useful tips

Major features, such at Perform Script on Server, Script Triggers, and Conditional Formatting, to name a few, are noted with the version in which they were released–a very handy reminder when you have to work with earlier versions of software for a client.

Also referenced is a FileMaker document listing feature releases by version in a handy list, from Version 6 to 13.

You can find both at the link.

Source: Tony White Designs: FileMaker Code Objects as ERD

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