Tim Dietrich – FileMaker Addict – Interview – Youtube

LEARN MORE ABOUT the “FileMaker Interviewer”, Tim Dietrich, as he gets interviewed for the first time! Learn how and why he became a FileMaker developer, the latest projects he is working on (including his new FileMaker book for beginners), and what he does when he is not developing great FileMaker solutions.

Tim Dietrich started interviewing people in the FileMaker area 2005:

  • Darren Burgess – MightyData
  • Jeremy Bante – Gaia Herbs
  • Todd Geist – Geist Interactive

Previous Interviews:

There’s a lot more–check’em out at FileMaker Addict.

And check out Tim’s developing business here.

Click here to see more Interviews 

Tim Dietrich – FileMaker Addict – Interview – Youtube


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