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The Science of Persuasion.  

Based upon decades of research, Dr. Robert Cialdini identifies six factors from his study of the science of persuasion that influence us to say yes:

  • Reciprocity – be the first to give, and make it personalized and unexpected.
  • Scarcity – Give benefits, what’s unique, and what they stand to lose.
  • Authority – have someone tell others how good you are.
  • Consistency – Looking for, and asking for, small initial commitments that can be made. Voluntary, active, public commitments in writing.
  • Liking – We like people who are similar, people who pay us compliments, and people who cooperate with us. Do not get straight to business. Instead, exchange personal info, identify common items, then start to negotiate. Give people genuine compliments.
  • Consensus – especially if people are uncertain, they will look to others to get their opinions, then use those to determine their own.

Small, practical, often costless changes that can lead to big differences in your ability to influence and persuade others in an ethical way.


Incorporate these factors into your client relations, sales pitch, and dealings with others whom you wish to influence, and see your efforts bear more fruit.

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