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The Power of Simple Writing

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The art of simplicity is making its mark as minimalist design principles are being seen in product design, web and even writing.

Social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have shown us that the skill of keeping it simple can be a key to success. Apple’s product design genius is not in how many buttons you can cram onto a device but is solved by the question “can I do it with just one button?”

Less is more.

Keeping it simple takes time and effort. Stripping something back to its essence requires thought and effort. It means wrangling, wrestling and removing unnecessary words.

There is a quote that is attributed to Blaise Pascal and also Mark Twain that I have never forgotten.

“I would have written a shorter letter but I didn’t have the time”

I remember attending grammar classes and struggled with the rules and regulations. To overcome my resistance I resorted to writing in a conversational style.

It worked.

Grammar is complex. Conversation is simple. Write as you speak and that simple power will work its magic

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