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The Paperless Office

Going onsite to meet with clients is common for FileMaker developers.  Sometimes it means traveling a good ways to do so.  This article from Jamie Rubin showcases the technology he uses to make his mobile experiences more productive:

Back in December 2012, I wrote a Going Paperless post that described my mobile, paperless office. A lot can change in three years, especially when it comes to technology. I wanted to use this inaugural post of the rebooted Going Paperless series to describe my mobile paperless office today.

Jamie’s list is pretty impressive:

  • MacBook Air
  • Moleskin Notebook (yes, paper!)
  • Pilot Pens
  • A Karma Go WiFi Hotspot
  • USB Charger
  • Grid-It for cables
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Ear Buds
  • Business Cards
  • Reading Glasses
  • Pencil Stylus for the Paper App
  • A Kindle

An impressive list (OK, most of you don’t need the reading glasses), and one that everyone will modify to suit their particular needs.

Here’s my take on some of his list:  

  • Moleskin Notebook:  I have found that paper notepads are better.  Not as bulky, cheaper, and easy to search.  I do agree – it’s faster to scribble a note than to find the right program, make a new record, record the details, etc.  Especially when you are in a meeting and the conversation keeps moving.  I add relevant notes to my computer lates during review.  I also tend to remember written notes better, not doubt a relic of my non digital past.
  • Karma Go Wifi Hotspot:  I use my iPhone as a hotspot, and it works OK.  Coverage is the biggest issue where I live.  I do like this hotspot, however.  Pay for what you use and a reasonable cost per GB.  That’s a pretty good combo
  • Grid-It for cables:  Go check this out now.  This is an ingenious method of carrying not only cables but small electronics, tools, cleaners, etc.  And it comes in different sizes and is reasonably priced.  A great gift idea.

Keep in mind that Rubin is an avid advocate for Evernote, which I use to store webpages and reference links.  I like it a lot, but find that I don’t refer to it as often as I should.

Find out more at the source–it’s a good read.

Source: Going Paperless 2.0: My Mobile Paperless Office, November 2015 Edition | Jamie Todd Rubin

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