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Without sales, the best developers in the world sit idle, twiddling their thumbs.  That is the harsh reality, so small development businesses (read: the owner), generally have to acquire sales and marketing skills in order to maintain and then grow their businesses.

In his interview with FileMakerProGurus, David Knight, of Angel City Data, made a similar observation, noting that a presentation he gave on business tactics at Devcon was not heavily attended.  Start listening at the 9:25 mark in that video to hear his take on this issue.

The Indiana FileMaker User Group had a speaker recently presenting on just this topic:

Guest speaker Mark Richman, President of Skeleton Key, gives a presentation on The Art & Science of Gathering Requirements, Estimating Efforts & Closing a Deal.

Regardless of how you charge for your services, or whether you’re an in-house developer, sole proprietor or part of a larger team, at some point you need to:

Figure out what needs doing, and why.
Estimate what it will take to get it done, and by whom.
Negotiate with the buyer/decision-maker and come to an agreement.

Join us for an inside peek at how we do this at Skeleton Key, and an open discussion of what we think is working, how our process has evolved over time, and some of the wrong (and right) turns we’ve taken along the way.

Watch and Learn

So, aspiring entrepreneurs/developers, set aside some time to watch and listen to someone who has been in the trenches, learned some lessons, and is sharing his hard earned knowledge.

Thanks to Kevin Hammond of DBServices for sharing this video.

The FileMaker Sales Process – YouTube.

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