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RYAN ROSENBERG, VP of Marketing and Sales for FileMaker, writes about the benefits of going paperless.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t directly mentions FileMaker and FileMaker Go.  Some highlights:

Businesses have been talking about the paperless office for decades.  But haven’t made much headway until now. The availability of powerful, efficient, reliable, and inexpensive mobile devices—initially used only by the intrepid office “road warrior”—is accelerating change in ways not before possible.
Mobile devices have the same appeal as paper: mobility. You can hold the data in one hand and transport it anywhere, but without the bulk, inertia, inflexibility, inefficiency and risk of loss or error.
According to The Paperless Project, U.S. managers spend an average of four weeks a year searching for, or waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked or “lost” papers.  In short, mobile technology is enabling organizations to really begin to reduce paper. 
And companies are doing it now. They are reducing paper and they are increasing revenue, improving customer service, reducing operating costs, reducing risk and more.

Read the whole article for some great tips on getting started and for some examples of companies and organizations that are leading the way.

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