The Boys from Belgium – FileMaker Developer Interview – YouTube

This is my first interview with 3 people at once:  The Boys from Belgium: Joris Aarts, Jeroen Arts, and Jan Stieperaere, all with ClickWORKS in Belgium.  You may have heard of Jan recently:  He discovered and blogged about a technique to Perform Script on Client (PSOC, not to be confused with PSOS–Perform Script on Server).  This was such an amazing discovery that Richard Carlton made a video with a cartoon of his head exploding!  Learn more about how Jan discovered this great trick and more during this interview:

  • Their favorite clients
  • Their favorite work
  • The things they did while in Vegas and surrounding areas
  • What they learned at DevCon 2015
  • Some savvy business advice on growing your business
  • That they are all subscribers to FileMakerProGurus and the Free FileMaker Example List!
  • How they feel about the FileMaker community
  • How Access drove people to FileMaker early on in their business
  • And more…

Note: They repeatedly said their website was  And they should know.  For some unknown reason, I was unable to load it there or find it in google.  However, I was able to find and access it at

The Boys from Belgium – FileMaker Developer Interview

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